Maybe, !Maybe

Have you ever had to turn the following:

Into some awful nil check like this? if
 #or &&
 #or unless
 #or ? : 'O Nameless One'

This code does not inspire to say the least.

Today I learned of the black hole null object from Avdi Grimm and it really made my day. Where has this been all my life? This is a simple class, which always returns itself, and returns true for nil?

class NullObject
  def method_missing(*args, &block)
  def nil?; true; end

Since the NullObject returns self from every call, an entire chain of calls silently fails:

n =
n.these.are.a.chain.of.calls => #<NullObject>

This is truly marvelous when combined with a Maybe object:

def Maybe(value)
  value.nil? ? : value

Now our hesitant code can become:


The only problem is any object, by itself, will evaluate to truthy. You must use .nil? in conditionals (or create more methods, such as present?):

author = Maybe(
if author.nil?
  # do something intelligent

More details can be found on Avdi's blog. Also, look at the naught gem.

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