Terminator Launcher for Ubuntu

Death of a Mini

I recently moved from Yosemite to an Ubuntu machine. My Mac Mini had 16Gb of Ram and kept running out of memory on Yosemite. I wasn't even running anything heavy most of the time. Something was not right.

The last straw came when I bought a usb 3.0 hub (a SYBA Connectland one) which had a major internal fault. It fried my Mini, though I didn't know it yet. I had another old and broken Mini which I scavenged and used to build a Franken Mini. It worked! Until I plugged in the hub, and within a few minutes, this died too. No, it did not dawn on me yet, but I was getting suspicious.

Not having the money for a 27 iMac where I could install 32Gb of RAM, I built a powerhouse Ubuntu PC with the said RAM. It works very very well. When I finally connected the hub the pc rebooted perpetually, obviously draining all its power. Fatal flaw! Throw. Hub. Away. Now move on.

Where is my iTerm2?

With a reasonable amount of work, I had a polished linux desktop and a very fast development environment. But what I missed was my iTerm2 window arrangements! I found nothing built in.

Problem Terminated

After some research I found Terminator, which provides a nice split terminal interface similar to iTerm2. It also has layouts where you can save a window arrangement. What I needed was a simple way to start these window arrangements.

Desktop Shortcuts

Since Terminator accepted the layout as a command line argument, I created a shortcut for each layout. I copied the /usr/share/applications/terminator.desktop file once for each layout, placing it inside ~/.local/share/applications with a unique name.

Then I edited each file, changing the Name and Exec lines:

Name=Terminator My Layout
Exec=terminator --new-tab --layout=my_layout

Now each of these layouts were easily available in Dash. But what about the Launcher?

Unity Launcher Folders

To make it available in the launcher, I installed the Unity Launcher Folders app. After installing it, I set up a Terminator folder, and used Dash to add each of the Terminator shortcuts to it. This created a nice launcher folder for each layout:

Finally something easily useable!

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